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Música per a orgue, by Robert de la Riba

A new eight-volume edition of “Música per a orgue”, the complete organ works by Father Robert de la Riba, has just been published. This edition offers organists and scholars Robert de la Riba’s invaluable contribution to the 20th century repertoire of organ music.

His enormous sensitivity prompted him to explore the optimum registration for each work within the specific tonal context of each instrument, i.e., in benefit of the expression – in the presence or alternation of the themes – without him allowing himself to be influenced by the fashion for tonal neutrality propounded in the reinterpretations of ancient music that appeared in the second half of the 20th century.

The eight-volume set of music for organ by the composer from Tarragona constitutes an essential contribution to the organ repertoire of the 20th century. The revision has been carried out by Josep Maria Gregori using the original manuscripts conserved in the Fondo Robert de la Riba in the Musical Archive of the Capuchin friars in Sarriá in Barcelona (photo of the organ).

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