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Success for Jesús Torres’s 'Movimiento'

This January, the Cadaqués Orchestra travelled to Madrid and Zaragoza to perform, among other pieces, Movimiento by Jesús Torres. A sample of what the press had to say: A score with a strong rhythmic profile, with an appealing interplay of colours and a rich polyphonic fabric, as sensational as it is effective, which gives it great vitality. Torres has established himself as one of the great names among contemporary Spanish composers. Jorge de Persia, La Vanguardia The second part began with a diaphanous reproduction of Movimiento by Jesús Torres, a remarkably flexible piece. Arturo Reverter, La Razón It came like a breath of fresh air amid the concert, with a soundscape of powerful beauty in pitch and rhythm and an aesthetic concept that is easily accessible for the public (...) Torres stood in acknowledgement of the applause. Luis Alfonso Bes, Heraldo de Aragón Jesús Torres, as he has matured, has become one of our most interesting composers, especially in conceptual terms. His Movimiento serves well the purpose for which he wrote it, a conducting competition, thanks to the richness of pitch and the interplay of rhythms and contrasts. The composer was applauded. Carlos Gómez Amat, El Mundo