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Tritó has recently published the scores of some of Mr Rueda's most outstanding works, including Viaje imaginario, Chamber Concerto no. 2, Elephant Skin and above all the soon-to-be-published Symphony no. 1. In addition to these works, the Tritó catalogues includes the following scores: Sinfonía II "Acerca del límite", Estudios expresivos, Obsesión, 3 Love songs, Cuarteto de cuerda I, Cuarteto de cuerda II "Desde las sombras", Cuarteto de cuerda III "Islas", 24 Interludios, Memoria del laberinto, Hiperión, Bitácora, Perpetuum mobile, Estacionario, Triana de "Iberia", Lavapiés de "Iberia"