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Three unpublished sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti now available

This August has seen the issue of three unpublished sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti: the sonatas for harpsichord in A, in E and in F, with a study carried out by the musicologist and lecturer at the university of Valladolid Águeda Pedrero-Encabo. Two of the three sonatas that make up this edition (the Sonata in E and the Sonata in A) were presented for the first time in a free transcription made by Enrique Granados in 1905 for piano and which Joel Sheveloff used to reconstruct the possible originals for harpsichord, as these were thought to be lost. However, this researcher concluded that the transcriptions made by the Catalan composer were not taken from works by Scarlatti, for which reason these sonatas have always been regarded as "dubious." Later, M. Ester-Sala discovered the supposedly lost manuscript – M1964 – in the Biblioteca de Catalunya. She published the two sonatas in a facsimile edition, leaving their analysis to other researchers, some of whom, such as Walter Aaron Clark, concluded that the sonata in A is not by Scarlatti but by Courcelle, and that the sonata in E was the work of an anonymous composer. The present publication is intended to be a critical edition of the original scores of the sonatas in A mayor and E mayor, which makes it possible to study them directly, given that they possess enough of Scarlatti’s traits to suggest they are originals. As always, we would like to have your opinion: Do you agree that they are by Domenico Scarlatti? Take a look at the Sonata in A and let us know what you think.