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In the shop at we have decided to make things easier for you when it comes to browse sheet music. If a few months ago we changed the look of the website and added new functions such as the calendar and the rental section, during the last few weeks we have been working on improvements to the search engine that locates scores, CDs and books in the shop.

Smart Search Filters

Tired of having to navigate through endless pages of results to find a particular score or a particular album? At we value your time and don’t want you to waste it, so we’ve decided to make searching easier. With the new smart menu you can navigate very quickly through the entire catalogue by adding and removing search filters as you like. This new tool enables you to narrow down a search through the 20,000 titles available in the store in order to view only the two or three that you interest you, forgetting the rest, and all in just four clicks. You can filter by instrument, ensemble, genre, epoch, level, author, publisher and format ... and this is just scores! There are also special filters for books and CDs: subject, format, language, duration, ...You can also add as many instruments as you want. Imagine that you play in a chamber group consisting of flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello and piano. Just go on adding instruments until you obtain the result of the search. Also new are the large flyout windows in the main menu where you can view all the possibilities at once (instruments, ensembles, authors and so on).

Much more accurate searches

We have improved the algorithm of the general search engine to make it much faster, more efficient and effective so that it will now return more relevant results. In addition, these results can be narrowed down even further by using the smart filters, so now the only limit is your imagination!

User-friendly presentation of results

With a catalogue as extensive as ours, and with it expected to double in size this year, we cannot allow you be swamped by the masses of results from the larger categories. To avoid this we have created special pages where the results are organised in a clearer and friendlier format (with direct links, guidance, grouping of results by ensemble or publisher, novelties, etc). It is much clearer and easier to find your bearings and browse a page like the one in the picture below than to be presented with a list of 3500 works for piano, although if you still prefer the entire list of works you can view it by following the link shown on each page. The same applies to authors with many works. They are now clearly presented to make your search faster and more accurate. For example, you can see how the catalogue of works by Isaac Albéniz is organized: latest novelties, scores according to the ensemble, publishers and so on. All these improvements have been made thinking of you and your needs as a musician and music lover. We hope that you like them and we encourage you to visit the shop, test the new tools, search, locate what you need ... and enjoy yourself. Because looking for classical music has never been so much fun. ;-)

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