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Noteflight, music editing software 2.0

Noteflight has been around for over three years now and new features have been constantly developed and added to its online editing program since its launch. For those who are not yet in the picture, this is an online music writing application that allows you to create, view, print and listen to professional quality music notation directly from your web browser. Like all services “in the cloud” there is a demo version with certain limitations, which you can upgrade to the premium version, Crescendo, by opening an account for $49/year.

Create and share

Its editing capacity is remarkable and although there are certain limits on the complexity of the notation it does cover 90% of the needs of any amateur or professional musician. But its interest does not lie so much in its functionality as an editor but in its ability to share work on the web. Within minutes you can upload your composition to the social networks (users can decide which members of the community are allowed to view, edit and comment on their scores and songs) and you can even embed a viewer in your blog. Here is an example:

Noteflight Classroom

In January the program Noteflight Classroom, aimed at music teachers, was released. Noteflight Classroom allows the creation of a private virtual space in which the teacher (administrator) invites students to do the exercises and share the notes placed there. Later, the teacher can correct each student’s exercises, grade them, make observations, etc. The price of the service is $295/year, a more than reasonable fee when taking into account the cost of developing a frontline virtual learning environment such as this one.