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Facebook? Naturally!

In the midst of the upsurge of the web 2.0, where the users have taken control of the contents of Internet, the social networks seem to have become the main players in the movement. Facebook is the social networking website par excellence, so we need to be there too, and now we are!

You don’t need a Facebook account to visit our page; just click on the link at the top. Our page on Facebook is not only ours; it is also the place where you can comment on whatever you like, make suggestions, announce events, and a lot more. You can also take advantage of our seasonal promotions: mp3 downloads, concert invitations, links of interest… Since Monday and until next week, you can download absolutely free the mp3 of Evocación para guitarra, by Isaac Albéniz. This work is one of the pieces on the latest CD from Javier Riba “La Guitarra Soñada“. See you on Facebook!