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Spotify, the latest in music on the Internet

What is it? It’s a revolution in music distribution. Spotify is an application for Windows and Mac with a music catalogue that users may search and listen to in streaming audio. The idea is similar to iTunes but downloading is not possible. Instead, users can listen free of charge to any track and without any limitations. The only drawback is the advertising that users hear every certain amount time or number of tracks. What’s in the catalogue? For the time being the music published by the four biggest music labels (EMI, Warner Music, Sony BMG y Universal), as well as a large number of small labels from the Long Tail associated with The Orchard and Merlin. Limitations? There are a few breaks for advertisements, but they may be expected to increase as the application gains new users. In any case, the advertising can be eliminated by acquiring Spotify Premium for 9.99 € / month or a Spotify Day Pass for 0.99 € / day. Is it the future? Probably. It is certainly an example of the reinvention of the music distribution model, which has been years pending a new approach to combat piracy.It’s has been proclaimed the future of music but until now was limited to and not much else. The fact is that the predictions made by media futurists such as Gerd Leonhard are gradually coming true: The only way to combat piracy is by offering better services. The future of the music business on Internet lies in the service and not in the product. So be it. Controversy The invention, being revolutionary, is the subject of controversy. For the time being, it is only available in certain countries whose societies of authors have permitted it (Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the UK). At the time of writing some groups have already expressed their disagreement and demanded the removal of their music. We hope that this will not be the general trend and that the recording companies do not make the same mistakes as they did with the Napster phenomenon. How to obtain it? Previous registration is necessary to activate the program and, in theory, downloading the application is only possible with an invitation. That’s the web 2.0. But to save time you can use a direct link to the download window: The young team of Spotify: Further information in: