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Premiere of the musical Amadeu

Amadeo Vives (1871-1932) was one of the great zarzuela composers. The creator of Doña Francisquita, “Maruxa”, Bohemios and operettas such as La Generala was born in Barcelona and triumphed and died in Madrid. Albert Boadella pays tribute to him in Amadeu, a show that will be premiered at the Teatros del Canal in Madrid next Friday 21 January, with stage direction by Albert Boadella, and running until 13 February. With Antoni Comas playing the role of Amadeo Vives, this “biting” musical, as described by Boadella, is woven from fragments of “Doña Francisquita”, “Bohemios”, “La generala” and “Maruxa”, together with coplas and erotic songs written in the composer’s youth, which will be performed by Yolanda Marín, Auxiliadora Toledano, Lola Casariego, Joana Thome, Israel Lozano and Francisco Corujo, accompanied by the Joven Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid under the baton of Miguel Roa and Manuel Coves. Plot A Barcelona newspaper commissions a young journalist, who is a fan of hard rock, to write an article about the great zarzuela composer Amadeo Vives. The young journalist’s exploration of the life of the famous Catalan musician, whom he didn’t even know existed, prompts him to imagine the life and work of Vives in reality. In a plot that move to and fro between dramatic and humoristic, excerpts from zarzuelas such as Doña Francisquita, Bohemios, Maruxa and La Generala are presented, as well as coplas and erotic songs written in the composer’s youth. As his imaginary relationship with Vives grows deeper, the young journalist who was previously so keen on hard rock reviews his ideas on art, life and politics. For further information see the Teatros del Canal website