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New release by Jesús Rueda: Second Quartet

Tritó announces the addition to its catalogue of a new work by the Madrid composer Jesús Rueda, winner of the 2004 National Music Prize and one of the most singular figures in Spanish contemporary music: Quartet No. 2 "Desde las sombras" (TR168). Dedicated to the Casals Quartet, who premiered the work in Valladolid on 15 April, 2003, it is conceived of as a continuation of Haydn's "Seven Last Words". The three acts of the quartet evoke Christ's life in the next world, which appears in apocryphal writings, based on texts from The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Odyssey and The Aeneid, although in this case the key character in the work is secondary and only gains significance once known, as additional information. In the words of Domingo del Campo it is a work that "accentuates the introspective nature, and its language, stripped of experimental resources, is austere and essentialized." The recording is by the prestigious Arditti Quartet, on Sello Autor, and on sale at