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Albéniz for guitar

Isaac Albéniz is one of the most emblematic composers of Spanish music of all time and although he never wrote for guitar his music almost immediately aroused the interest of guitarists. The first adaptations for guitar of Albéniz’s music are practically contemporary to the original versions for piano, although there is no doubt that the best known are those realised by Andrés Segovia.

Javier Riba now presents adaptations of some of Albéniz’s masterworks, pieces that have been included in the CD “La guitarra soñada”, which is now being released for the enjoyment of all guitar lovers.



El puerto


Above all, the guitarist has aimed to respect the style and resources of the guitar of the epoch and the spirit of Albeniz’s piano music.

For the time being, the published works are the following: Evocación and El puerto.

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El Puerto