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Cuaderno para un aniversario

The Fundación Guerrero has published the score Cuaderno para un aniversario in which it has tried to link together the two main principles that have marked its work during the last 25 years: the defence of the musical heritage left by Jacinto Guerrero and the promotion of Spanish music, in particular the most contemporary.

To this end, ten composer who have been associated with the Foundation during these years were commissioned the composition of piano works based on themes by Guerrero. Among the composers there are some winners of the Foundation awards given to the best students in composition graduated from the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música in Madrid, others who have won the Fundación Guerrero Music Prize, and others who are currently sponsors of the Foundation itself.

As well as the scores themselves Cuaderno para un aniversario includes a recording of these made by the winner of the last Foundation piano competition, the pianist Xiaofeng Wu, and also a preliminary study by

Antonio Gallego in Spanish and English. The Fundación Canal collaborated on the project by ceding its auditorium for the recording.


Raquel Rodríguez Fernández - Imprevisaciones sobre temas de Jacinto Guerrero

Tomás Marco - Quodlibet (sobre dos fragmentos de Jacinto Guerrero)

Alicia Díaz de la Fuente - Homenaje

Miguel del Barco - Glosando al Maestro Guerrero

Antón García Abril - Variaciones líricas (sobre un tema de "La montería")

Daniel Roca Arencibia - Reflexiones sobre un motivo de Jacinto Guerrero

Francisco Novel Sámano - Variaciones libres

José María Sánchez-Verdú - Estudio núm. 2

Luis de Pablo - Caricatura amistosa

Pilar Jurado - De campanas y rosas

1. Imprevisaciones sobre temas de Jacinto Guerrero


2. Quodlibet (sobre dos fragmentos de Jacinto Guerrero)


3. Homenaje


4. Glosando al maestro Guerrero


5. Variaciones líricas