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Madrid Premiere of "La Tierra", by Jesús Rueda

As part of its current season, the National Orchestra of Spain, under the baton of Pedro Halffter, presents in Madrid La Tierra (The Earth) by Jesús Rueda. The piece was commissioned by the Madrid conductor to complement Gustav Holst's suite The Planets, and originally premiered in June 2007, performed by the Seville Symphony Orchestra. In composing the suite, Holst drew on myriad sources, mixing symbolism, astrology and even chemistry, with more earthly matters such as the horrors of war (it was written during World War I). This is especially evident in Mars, a score that has been used often as background music, most famously perhaps in "Star Wars". Over time, much of the symbolism attached to The Planets has been lost, leaving its most universal and astronomical facets, from which Jesús Rueda drew inspiration for his composition. La Tierra.mp3 [audio:] The result is a piece that both captures the music and spirit of our time, and evokes the music of Holst. It is a thrilling, fiery piece, reflecting the orderly chaos of our planet and our lives.