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Reissue of La Corxera Juganera

Tritó announces the much anticipated re-release of two of our most popular titles: "Història de Babar", with music by F. Poulenc and narrated by Agata Roca, and "7 Faules de La Fontaine", with music by X. Benguerel and narrated by Rosa Gàmiz. We are re-releasing these two titles, from the collection La Corxera Juganera, due to high demand in recent months. They feature stories set to music performed by the Cadaqués Orchestra with narration in Catalan by renowned actors who breathe new life into the traditional tales.

This collection will soon be published in Spanish, with actors of the calibre of Javier Cámara, Tristán Ulloa or Leonor Watling.

El soldadet de plom




Història de Babar


Pere i el llop