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Cendrillon (ballet)

Fernando Sor (1778 - 1839)

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Revised by:Sergi Casademunt
Instrumentation:2[pic.2] 3[] 2 2-4230-2serp-harp-Timp-archi
Percussion:gc, crot, camp
Duration:100 min

Ballet was very important in London during the first half of the 19th century, exactly at the time Sor got there.

The Cendrillon [Cinderella] theme originated in a collection of tales called Lo cunto de li cunti, written in the Neapolitan dialect by Giambattista Basile and published in Naples between 1634 and 1636.

To prepare a modern edition of this ballet, it was used the manuscript preserved in the New York Public Library as my main source.

The music publisher Sergi Casademunt also used the Metronome markings in the piano versión, since they are very useful as a performance guide.

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Composer: Fernando Sor
Title: Cendrillon (ballet)
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