Alberto Aguirre. Obra musical, by Leire Ibáñez
Alberto Aguirre. Obra musical
Leire Ibáñez
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Alberto Aguirre. Obra musical

Leire Ibáñez

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Alberto Aguirre was born in Errezil the August 7, 1886. He was band conductor since 1914 in Andoain, and also was organist at the Church of San Martín.

Served as director of the academy of music, music teacher at the minor seminary and many others.

Aguirre composed mostly religious works, four masses, several motets, anthems and many other religious songs.

He composed several songs polyphonic written in Euskera, in the field of secular works. Leire Ibáñez collects all the compositions by Aguirre in this book.

Instruments:Choir, Organ Accompaniment
Ensembles:4 Parts
Genres:Classical Music, Religious Music
Period:20th Century Music
Composer:Leire Ibáñez
Publisher:Eusko Ikaskuntza-Soc. Estudios Vascos
Content:Prólogo - Hitzaurrea

Introducción - Sarrera

1. Biografía de Alberto Aguirre - Alberto Aguirreren biografia
Director de la banda - Banda zuzendari
Organista y director de coro - Organista eta koru zuzendari
Otras labores musicales - Beste musika lanetan

2. Listado de obras - Musika lanak
Música vocal - Ahotsmusika
Religiosa - Erlijiosoa:
Misas - Mezak
Motetes - Moteteak
Himnos - Himnoak
Otas piezas religiosas - Beste Ian erlijiosoak
Profana - Profanoa
Música instrumental - Musika instrumentala
Obra musical para órgano - Organorako obra musikala

3. Fuentes - Iturriak
Fuentes musicales manuscritas - Eskuz idatzitako musika iturriak
Fuentes documentales - Iturri dokumentalak
Alberto Aguirre. Obra musical
Leire Ibáñez
Price: 15.60 €
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Alberto Aguirre. Obra musical by Leire Ibáñez 15.60 €
Availability: 25 days
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