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16th April 2007
Premiere of "Variaciones in memoriam Gonzalo de Olavide", by David del Puerto
This 29 April sees the premiere of Variations in memoriam Gonzalo de Olavide, by David del Puerto, at the Auditorio Nacional de Madrid. This commissioned work will be performed by the Spanish National Orchestra (ONE), under the baton of Pablo González. The concert also includes the debut of a work commissioned by the ONE from Gonzalo de Olavide, who died two years ago, and who was very close to David del Puerto, both as an artist and as a friend. These two transitional works of the 20th-21st centuries will be performed along with two other transitional works from the 18th-19th centuries, Mozart's Concerto No. 1 for Flute and Orchestra and Beethoven's Symphony No. 2 in D Major,Opus 36.
Premiere of "Hyperion II", by Jesús Rueda
Hyperion II by Jesús Rueda is to premiere in a concert by the Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra (OSCyL), conducted by Alejandro Posada, at the Valladolid Auditorium this 26 April. The work, which is along the lines of an overture, features strong contrasts with two quite distinct sections. Hyperion II comes six years after the premiere of the first Hyperion.  
FotoInauguration of the Auditorio de Música de Valladolid "Miguel Delibes".
This past 11 April saw the inauguration of the Auditorio de Música de Valladolid "Miguel Delibes". The season opened with a concert featuring the premiere of Apertura, by the Spanish composer Santiago Lanchares, written especially for the occasion. The Castilla y León Symphony Orchestra, the hall's resident orchestra, conducted by Alejandro Posada, had the honour of inaugurating this splendid new addition to Spain's list of concert venues, designed by the architect Ricard Bofill.
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