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Historia de la Danza II + CDDiario. Vaslav Nijinsky
Escenes d'un circ
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Book Score

Author: Cecilia Nocilli

100 % (3)

The Cervera MS is a main source to the study of Catalan and European dance. It consists of two sheets with describes eleven dances. Some descriptions list the steps and movements in Catalan and others, use a specific notation for choreography description.

Pages: 108
Ref: AM03041

Price: 17.00 €


Composer: María José Alemany Lázaro
Historia de la Danza II + CD

Book of Dance History that covers modern dance since the early XXth century until the Second World War . It Gives a route from Europe and the U.S. from the early XXth century,

Pages: 256
Ref: DP10117

Price: 16.00 €


Book Score

Author: Vaslav Nijinsky
Diario. Vaslav Nijinsky

Vaslav Nijinsky, "the King of Dance" was a great legend since the beginning of his career as a dancer. His extraordinary virtuosity and technique was perfect; as a choreographer, he created a new concept of dance that surprised the official culture and marked the beginning of modern ballet.

Pages: 256
Ref: DL02112

Price: 17.99 €


Composers: Xavier Montsalvatge, Frederic Mompou

90 % (2)

Pages: 176
Ref: TR00059

Price: 30.68 €


Score Book

Composer: Josep Cercós
Escenes d'un circ

100 % (1)

The score was composed for a ballet festival in 1980. On that occasion was the same composer who premiered the work at the piano. A score rich in contrasts sound, humour and evasion of the conventions that is structured in a way similar to an old suite.

Year of composition: 1980
Scoring: pf solo
Pages: 36
Ref: TR00415

Price: 18.20 €


Author: Idoia Murga Castro

The author of this study has researched the work of artists dedicated to the scenography of dance during the Spanish "Silver Age" from the time the arrival of the Ballets russos of DIaghilev up until the outbreak of the Civil War.

Pages: 264
Ref: DL00855

Price: 31.00 €


Book Book

Authors: Pol Ducable, Maria Salicrú-Maltas, Toni Braza, Coral Mas, Nicolau Guanyabens i Calvet

Ref: DL00917

Price: 40.00 €


Author: Adrián Rodríguez van der Spoel

100 % (5)

This book provides a transcription of the works, studied and analysed within their historical and social context. It emphasises the importance of the texts and stylistic features that would go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

Pages: 240
Ref: DL02073

Price: 45.00 €


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