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8 flute duetsA Pleasing Agreeable Style:Joan Pla & Carles BaguerFlute Concerto in B flat major (IV-2) (reduction for flute and piano)6 Sonates for flauta, violin and basso continuo
The Early FluteA Practical GuideFantasies & Easy PiecesFlute sonatas. Vol. I
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Score CD

Composer: Carles Baguer
8 flute duets

This first edition of the eight duets is based on the aforesaid manuscript held in the music archive at the Abbey of Montserrat (shelf mark MAM 1087, 1-4). It had been rather scrappily copied and it required a meticulous process of reconstruction, which the musicologyst Josep Dolcet. It was carried out in conjunction with the flutists Marco Brolli and Joan Bosch, who were also responsible for its first sound recording.

Pages: 37
Ref: TR00783

Price: 15.00 €



Composers: Carles Baguer, Joan Pla
A Pleasing Agreeable Style:Joan Pla & Carles Baguer

84 % (6)

World premiere recording of duets by flute Carles Baguer, Catalan composer active during the second half of the eighteenth century and organist of the Cathedral of Barcelona....

Artist/s: Marco Brolli, Joan Bosch - traversos
Duration: 70'
Ref: TD00099

Price: 11.74 €


Score Score

Composer: Manuel Pla
Flute Concerto in B flat major (IV-2) (reduction for flute and piano)

90 % (2)

The concerto for flute and strings by Manuel Pla in a typical concerto in the galant style between the old baroque structures and the new air of the Classical era. The main theme lacks the aggressiveness and the rythmic quadrature of the Italian concertos of the first half of the century, while it shows more melodic flexibility which, together with the grace of its twists and ornaments, identifies it wholly with the music of the rococo period.

Year of composition: s. XVIII
Scoring: fl.bc
Pages: 28
Ref: TR00007

Price: 12.48 €


Composer: Joan Pla
6 Sonates for flauta, violin and basso continuo

80 % (1)

Except in few cases, the trio sonatas by the Pla brothers Joan, Josep ande Manuel are still bibliographic rarities not readily available to the majority of performers, even though many of them were widely distributed in their time, both in manuscript form and in editions appearing in London and Paris during the second half of the eighteenth century.

Year of composition: 1760
Scoring: fl.v.bc
Pages: 80
Ref: TR00044

Price: 27.46 €


Book Book

Authors: Johann Joachim Quantz, Ramon Vilalta

Pages: 400
Ref: DL00952

Price: 29.00 €


Author: Rachel Brown
The Early FluteA Practical Guide

100 % (3)

This practical guide for flautists provides a survey of the instrument - its development, its technique, its repertoire and its literature - between 1700 and 1900. Each issue is set in a musical context and technical and stylistic matters such as fingering, tone production, articulation, ornamentation, vibrato, expression and delivery are examined in depth, applying evidence from historical sources to the standard flute repertoire...

Pages: 200
Ref: DL01799

Price: 24.10 €


Score Score

Composer: Johann Joachim Quantz
Critical edition: Teske, Hermien - Michel, Winfried
Fantasies & Easy Pieces

The Quantz's fantasies are the main part of the early flute repertoire that the flutist must to know. The Amadeus house published an URTEXT critical edition that was revised by Winfried Michel and Hrmien Teske.

Ref: VP01405

Price: 29.12 €


Composer: Johann Sebastian Bach
Flute sonatas. Vol. I

The Henle house is one of the most followed publishers followed by students and great musicians that are being introduced into the historical performance. Its URTEXT editions are beautifully published. This volume includes the BWV 1030, 1032, 1034 and 1035 sonates by Bach with figured bass and a proposal for the figured bass by Hans Eppstein.

Pages: 62
Ref: VP01403

Price: 20.80 €


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