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The Cambridge Companion to ConductingCadaques Orchestra. International Conducting CompetitionEl podio (book+DVD)
Trip to Asia. The Quest for harmony (DVD)  
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The Cambridge Companion to Conducting

100 % (2)

The book includes advice on how to conduct different types of groups (choral, opera, symphony, early music) and provides a substantial history of conducting as a study of national traditions.

Pages: 366
Ref: DL01489

Price: 26.63 €


Composers: Leonardo Balada, Joan Guinjoan, Xavier Montsalvatge, Jesús Rueda, David del Puerto, Jesús Torres, Ramon Lazkano
Cadaques Orchestra. International Conducting Competition

100 % (2)

Duration: 66'
Num. CD's: 1
Ref: TD00066

Price: 11.74 €


Book Book

Author: Adriŕ Sardó i Parals

80 % (2)

The first work that analyses and breaks down the gestures oh the conductor of an orchestra. This book is a brief, concise reflection on the gestural language of an orchestra conductor.

Pages: 77
Ref: DL00181

Price: 16.22 €


Author: Margarita Lorenzo
El podio (book+DVD)

An introductory guide for the art of conducting for all kind of music anf formations.

Pages: 244
Ref: DL00865

Price: 60.32 €


CD Book

Trip to Asia. The Quest for harmony (DVD)

100 % (1)

The film's illuminating and breakthrough score fuses visceral audio from the trip and the Philharmonic's music into a mesmerizing whole.

Artist/s: Thomas Grube, dir.
Duration: 108'
Num. CD's: 1
Ref: DD01226

Price: 15.28 €


Author: Juan González-Castelao

80 % (1)

The biographical section is contrasted, updated and supplemented by a historical, critical and hemerographic stugy of Ataulfo Argenta.

Pages: 484
Ref: DL00709

Price: 31.20 €


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