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Behind bars. The definitive guide to music notationLuigi Boccherini. EpistolarioPau Casals, escrits i discursos: pau, pau i sempre pau!
Xavier Benguerel. Una trayectoria compositivaThe Cambridge History of Musical Performance
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Book Book

Author: Elaine Gould
Behind bars. The definitive guide to music notation

The most thorough and painstakingly-researched book on the subject of notation to be published since the 1980s
A comprehensive grounding in notational principles which empowers the reader to prepare music in a clear and expert way

Ref: DL01996

Price: 80.08 €



Author: Remigio Coli
Luigi Boccherini. Epistolario

New book of the collection published by the Luigi Boccherini Association that is developed around the figure of the composer.

Pages: 188
Ref: DL01998

Price: 15.60 €


Book Book

Author: Oriol Romaní

Oriol Romero invites us to delve into music that may not be well known, understandable way of explaining what is your spirit, which derives its character or we can provide.

Pages: 169
Ref: DL01999

Price: 15.00 €


Author: Josep Maria Figueres
Pau Casals, escrits i discursos: pau, pau i sempre pau!

The book presents, for the first time, articles, biographies or letters are shown some features of the life of Casals.

Pages: 240
Ref: DL01934

Price: 20.28 €


Book Book

Author: Tomás Marco
Xavier Benguerel. Una trayectoria compositiva

This book is a clear and complete life story of the work and life of Xavier Benguereldevoted to an educated public, but not limited exclusively to music professionals.

Ref: DL01923

Price: 16.00 €



Authors: Colin Lawson, Robin Stowell
The Cambridge History of Musical Performance

Leading musicians, historians and scholars examine the history of music from the earliest times to the present through performers and performance.

Pages: 850
Ref: DL01974

Price: 122.51 €


Book Book

Author: Jacinto Torres

The book comes with a luxurious and modern design and a collection of facsimiles of documents illustrating the contents of the volume.

Pages: 235
Ref: DL00577

Price: 31.20 €


Author: Justo Romero

This book, one of the most rigorous and extensive study, is devoted to the great Polish composer. It adds a new perspective to the work of Chopin.

Pages: 574
Ref: DL00941

Price: 24.00 €


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