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Opera per Organo
Great Organs from CatalunyaMass versets
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Composers: Cervelló Garriga, Montsalvatge, Soler, Mestres-Quadreny, Mompou, Cercós, Padrós

100 % (2)

This recording offers a broad and representative overview of two generations of composers deeply marked by the trauma of the Spanish Civil War and its most immediate consequences.

Artist/s: Juan de la Rubia, orgue
Ref: TD00088

Price: 11.74 €


Composers: Martín y Coll, Menalt, Espelt, Baseia, Iriberia

100 % (4)

Artist/s: Andrés Cea - Orgue Sta.Maria de Cadaqués (s.XVII)
Ref: TD00080

Price: 11.74 €


CD Score

Composers: Carnicer, Elies, Vila, Teixidor, Pontí

100 % (6)

This collection sheds some light on the stylistic follow of the keyboard Iberian music. It shows part of the sound of a process of change by which, from a highly modal language with the tiento as its highest expression, it came to the sonata, embodiment par excellence of the tonal realm.

Artist/s: Miquel González
Ref: TD00064

Price: 11.74 €


Composer: José Torrellas
Critical edition: Carlo Stella
Opera per Organo

This is a first new edition with music for organ by Torrellas that is presented for the Italian publisher house Berben.

Ref: DP03455

Price: 27.04 €


Score CD

Composer: Robert de la Riba

90 % (2)

The eight volumes of organ music collection for the Catalan composer Robert de la Riba are a valuable contribution to the XX century music for organ. The first volume presents three preludes and fugues, one tocatta and one fugue.

Scoring: org.
Ref: TR00640

Price: 15.50 €


Composers: Johann Sebastian Bach, Joan Baptista Cabanilles, Mateo Albéniz, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Antonio Brocarte
Great Organs from Catalunya

100 % (1)

Artist/s: Modest Moreno i Morera, orgue
Ref: DD00992

Price: 15.34 €


CD Score

Composers: Carles Baguer, Anselm Viola, Antonio Soler (Padre Soler), Joan Baptista Cabanilles, Miquel López

Miquel Gonzalez is one of the most important Catalan performers in our time. His work is devoted to make us to know the Catalan music for organ an keyboard.

Artist/s: Miquel González, orgue
Ref: DD00618

Price: 23.10 €


Composer: Francesc Espelt
Critical edition: Bernat Cabré
Mass versets

100 % (3)

Francesc Espelt (16??-1712) is one of many more or less anonymous composers that we can find listed in any number of general music histories, encyclopedias and dictionaries. He is usually described as being representative of the so-called Catalano-Valencian school of organ music, often with flattering remarks about his rather copious output.

Ref: TR00500

Price: 20.70 €


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