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Cendrillon (ballet)La disciplina coreologica in EuropaSuite del ballet Hercule et OmphaleDance and choreography workshop
Piano arrangements for dance vol. 1 + CDPensar la danzaThe essential collection: Ballet GoldThe dances of the processions of Seville in Spain's Golden Age
Santiago Lanchares:Castor y Pollux
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Score Book

Composer: Fernando Sor
Cendrillon (ballet)

Year of publication: 2011
Ref: TR00871

Price: 100.00 €


Authors: Cecilia Nocilli, Alessandro Piero Pontremoli...
La disciplina coreologica in Europa

100 % (1)

Pages: 357
Ref: DL00871

Price: 26.92 €


Score Book

Suite del ballet Hercule et Omphale

Year of publication: 2010
Pages: 55
Ref: TR00809

Price: 30.68 €


Author: Marisa Fernández Rubí
Dance and choreography workshop

80 % (1)

Pages: 220
Ref: DL00523

Price: 12.70 €


Score Book

Composers: Albéniz, Mozart, Beethoven, Boccherini...
Piano arrangements for dance vol. 1 + CD

Scoring: pf
Ref: DP03413

Price: 19.50 €


Author: Delfí Colomé
Pensar la danza

Pages: 233
Ref: DL00930

Price: 20.00 €


Score Book

Composers: Schubert, Dvorák, Chopin, Gluck...
The essential collection: Ballet Gold

Scoring: pf
Ref: VP01006

Price: 21.80 €


Author: Lynn Matluk Brooks
The dances of the processions of Seville in Spain's Golden Age

Pages: 409
Ref: DL00394

Price: 38.48 €


Score Book

Composer: Frederic Mompou

100 % (2)

Scoring: pf red
Ref: TR00061

Price: 24.96 €


Author: Idoia Murga Castro

Pages: 264
Ref: DL00855

Price: 31.00 €



Composers: Montsalvatge, Ginastera, Mompou

100 % (1)

Artist/s: JONDE, Gianandrea Noseda
Ref: TD00007

Price: 11.74 €


Composer: Santiago Lanchares
Santiago Lanchares:Castor y Pollux

Artist/s: Ananda Sukarlan - Miqul Bernat
Ref: DD01265

Price: 16.52 €


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