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Le Grand SoloAbandoneadoSymphony 3 "Luz"
Obra coral religiosaMusic sudoku vol. 2Practice time notebook
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Composer: Fernando Sor
Le Grand Solo

100 % (27)

The for works on this recording were written by the Catalan composer Ferran (Fernando) Sor in Spain before his exile to Paris.
There are works of great virtuosism, composed at a time when Sor was ath the height of his exploration into the expresive possibilities of the guitar.

Duration: 61'43''
Num. CD's: 1
Ref: TD00085

Price: 11.74 €



Composer: Luis Caruana

This can be a good opportunity to share with friends a good recording of urban music; tango with a mixture of Argentinian and Spanish elements.

Artist/s: Luis Caruana Tangoquartet - Javier Afonso, Luis Caruana, Mauricio Vuoto, Nicolás Quintela
Num. CD's: 1
Ref: DD01313

Price: 11.80 €



Composers: Francisco Páez, Miguel de Fuenllana, Enríquez de Valderrábano, Diego Pisador, Esteban Daza

100 % (1)

Artist/s: Alfred Fernández, vihuela
Num. CD's: 1
Ref: DD00001

Price: 22.07 €


Composer: Jesús Rueda
Symphony 3 "Luz"

100 % (2)

Artist/s: Orquesta Sinfónica de Asturias - Maximiliano Valdés
Num. CD's: 1
Ref: DD01227

Price: 6.49 €


Score Book

Composer: Cristòfor Taltabull
Critical edition: Bernat Cabré, Arnau Farré
Obra coral religiosa

Year of publication: 2011
Pages: 102
Ref: AM05008

Price: 19.76 €


Authors: Bernat Puertas, David Puertas
Music sudoku vol. 2

A musical toy for children and adults to learn name of the notes, to sing it and also improvise.

Pages: 109
Ref: DL00546

Price: 6.19 €


Book Book

Practice time notebook

A fun music book staff for children begin to write his first musical notes.

Pages: 40
Ref: DL00897

Price: 1.66 €


Author: Elena Torres Clemente

100 % (1)

This book which includes more than forty photographs, offers a clear and didactic biography of this international composer. He was born in Cadiz in 1876 and died in Alta Gracia (Argentina) in 1946, after leaving Spain in 1939 after the civil war.

Pages: 206
Ref: DL00729

Price: 9.57 €


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