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Fernando Sor: Ouvertures and symphoniesChamber music
The Latin American Art SongEl viaje - 15 tangos and other piecesEnrique Granados: poet of the piano
Early music printing and Publishing in the Iberian WorldThe dances of the processions of Seville in Spain's Golden AgeThe vihuela de mano and the spanish guitarMasterpieces of guitar making
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Composer: Ferran Sor (Fernando Sor)
Fernando Sor: Ouvertures and symphonies

97 % (6)

Artist/s: Orquestra de Cadaqués (Iberia Filarmonia), dir. Sir Neville Marriner
Duration: 54' 9"
Num. CD's: 1
Ref: TD00049

Preu: 20,06 €



Compositor: Isaac Albéniz

100 % (19)

Intèrpret/s: Javier Riba, guitarra
Durada: 50' 52"
Ref: TD00050

Preu: 20,06 €


CD Score

Composers: Isaac Albéniz, Isaac Albéniz / Jesús Rueda

100 % (5)

"A delicious recording..." (Justo Romero, Diverdi, April 2008)

Artist/s: Ensemble Orquestra de Cadaqués, Isabelle Bres, rapsoda, Vasily Petrenko, director, Evocación-Triana-Lavapiés: Orquestra de Cadaqués, Gianandrea Noseda, director
Duration: 43' 20"
Num. CD's: 1
Ref: TD00042

Preu: 20,06 €



Composer: Antonio Ximénez Brufal / Nicolás Ximénez Brufal
Chamber music

100 % (1)

Scoring: Violin, guitar and basso continuo
Year of publication: 2008
Pages: 136
Instrumental parts: included
Ref: TR00632

Preu: 68,64 €


Score Score

Language: Spanish / English
The Latin American Art Song

93 % (3)

This is an essential collection for everyone that wants to get closer to the vocal music of the Americas. It is important to highlight that this is the first critical anthology of the Latin American art song ever published and that it includes transcriptions of song texts into the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

Scoring: Voice and piano
Pages: 256
Ref: TR00379

Preu: 43,47 €



Composer: Astor Piazzolla
El viaje - 15 tangos and other pieces

100 % (1)

Epoch: Twentieth Century
Scoring: Piano
Year of publication: 2008
Pages: 30
Ref: DP02738

Preu: 12,01 €


Book Llibre

Author: Ricard Viñes
Language: Catalan / Spanish / French

80 % (1)

Pages: 467
Matters: Biography, History, Catàlegs
Ref: DL00299

Preu: 40,00 €



Autor: Walter Aaron Clark
Idioma: Anglès
Enrique Granados: poet of the piano

Poet of the Piano constitutes the first major critical monograph on a composer who has attracted relatively little attention in the musical scholarship of the English-speaking world. While the title may suggest an emphasis on the pianism of Granados, this is only one of the dimensions explored...

Pàgines: 265
Matèries: Biografia, Musicologia
Ref: DL00405

Preu: 44,47 €


Llibre Llibre

Autors: Tess Knighton, Iain Fenlon
Idioma: Anglès
Early music printing and Publishing in the Iberian World

The circulation of music in the Iberian World was influenced by a number of diverse factors during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries including the commercial routes for the international book trade, the specific dynamic between printers active in Spain, Portugal and the New World and the mainly local or regional markets for the works they printed...

Pàgines: 399
Matèries: Musicologia, Història
Ref: DL00391

Preu: 71,76 €



Autor: Lynn Matluk Brooks
Idioma: Anglès
The dances of the processions of Seville in Spain's Golden Age

In mainstream western Christian churches, the ancient traditions that have connected religion and dance seem to have disappeared, to have been forgotten, or perhaps, successfully suppressed. Current attemps to introduce dance into worship are viewed as experimental and innovative...

Pàgines: 409
Matèries: Musicologia, Història
Ref: DL00394

Preu: 38,48 €


Llibre Book

Autors: José L. Romanillos Vega, Marian Harris Winspear
Idioma: Anglès
The vihuela de mano and the spanish guitar

Pàgines: 585
Matèries: Lutheria
Ref: DL00045

Preu: 156,00 €


Authors: Stefano Grondona, Luca Waldner
Language: Italian / English
Masterpieces of guitar making

If your lust for guitars extends into the realm of Spanish instruments, this nylon-string bible may be worthy of a place on your bookshelf. Don't worry, while the text is in Italian, its full English translation is also present on each page...

CD included

Pages: 215
Matters: Lutheria, Organology
Ref: DL00001

Preu: 75,19 €


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