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The purpose of this page is to resolve your doubts and queries so that you can make the most of Please take time to look through the menu below, where you will find a list of help topics to guide you on the most important aspects of browsing, searching and purchasing in our webstore.

Most of the questions that might occur to you are answered here. If not, feel free to contact us directly by email () or phone us at: (00 34) 93 342 61 75.

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  • Here you can find short answers to the most usual questions we are asked, which make the text quite long. Look through it to see if there is an answer to your question and avoid wasting time writing an email and waiting for an answer.

    My order has been dispatched but I have not received it. Where is it?
    After several years with an online shop we know from experience that the vast majority of packages arrive at their destination in the estimated average time. However:

    • For mail deliveries within Spain
    • If your order has not arrived and was sent as standard mail, please do not contact us until after 14 days. We will then be at your full disposal to trace and locate the exact situation of the order.
      If your order has not arrived and has been sent by express mail within the territory of Spain, you should contact us after 3 days.

    • For deliveries outside Spain
    • For most deliveries outside Spain sent by standard mail we expect to the orders to reach any destination within a maximum of 14-28 days (although delivery is much faster to most destinations). However, if within 28 days the order has not arrived, write to us at to confirm your delivery address. If the data you sent us are correct, we will list the order as missing and proceed to its replacement.

      For most deliveries outside Spain by express mail we expect the orders to reach any destination in a maximum of 7 days. All packages are delivered by hand upon signed receipt. If there is no one to accept the package, the courier will try to get in contact by other means and leave a contact card. If you have not received the package within a maximum of 8 days please contact us at and we will trace the package.

    According to the product note the product I am interested in will be "available in x days". When will I receive it?
    When a product is out of stock we estimate the time of reception of new samples according to the time taken for previous orders. This extra time varies with each supplier and is added to the delivery time for your order. For example if a delivery to Madrid takes two days but an item in the order is out of stock and new copies will take two days to arrive, the total delivery time displayed will be four days.

    According to the product note the product I am interested in is "not available". What does this mean? When a product is out of stock, and the supplier has no new copies or planned restocking date, displays the message "not available". This means that you cannot purchase it and no new edition has been scheduled. Instead of removing the article from the database we prefer to leave it visible in order to continue offering information about it. Ultimately, knowing that a product has been discontinued or is out of print is information that may be of use.

    How can I return an item I did not order, or which is defective or damaged?
    If you receive a package or item you did not order, or which is defective or damaged, you can contact us at the address or call 93 342 61 75. On receiving the returned product we will proceed to examine it and, where applicable, we will replace it or refund the cost of the article plus the cost of delivery.

    How do I cancel an order?
    During the 24 hours after placing the order you can write to the address , attaching the order reference number, to request the cancellation of the order. After 24 hours you can request cancellation and, provided the package has not been sent, we will also cancel the order. If 24 hours have gone by and the package has already been sent, you should complete the withdrawal form and send it within 7 days of receiving the product. In all the above cases, the cancellation of the order implies a full refund.
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