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The purpose of this page is to resolve your doubts and queries so that you can make the most of Please take time to look through the menu below, where you will find a list of help topics to guide you on the most important aspects of browsing, searching and purchasing in our webstore.

Most of the questions that might occur to you are answered here. If not, feel free to contact us directly by email () or phone us at: (00 34) 93 342 61 75.

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  • To buy a product, just add it to your shopping basket by clicking the button 'Add to basket'.

    Once you've selected all the products you wish to buy, you can check the list by clicking on the blue button in the top right corner of the window.

    The list contains the details of the products you've chosen: description, quantity, unit price, total per product, mail delivery costs and taxes.

    If you want to modify the quantities, change the number in the quantity box and click on the ‘modify’ button. To remove an item from the basket click the button ‘remove’.

    Once you have checked the basket you can proceed to buy by clicking ‘Buy it’. From there, follow the steps to the payment gateway of “la Caixa”, where you can pay securely. Once the operation is completed, you will return to and we will send you an email message confirming your order.
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