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Gaspar Sanz


This famous musician and priest was born in Calanda ( Teruel ) on the 4 th of April of 1640. He studied and taught at the University of Salamnca as a profesor of music. He was the organist of the viceroy of Napoles. He is thought to have died in Madrid in 1710. He was the greatest Spanish guitar theologian of the 17 th century. This idea is supported by Robert Strizich, a great specialist who thinks that he is not only the best Spanish essayist but also the most complete in his time.He was the guitar teacher of D. Juan de Austria to whom he devoted his famous " Music Introduction about the Spanish Guitar". The work of this Aragonese musician not only dominated the Spanish scene of baroque guitar but also influenced music throughout the 18 th century by the number of editions and the quality of his music. 18 th Century teatises and editions continued to name his as a model, testament of the uninterrupted tradition of his music.

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