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Book 1

El manuscrito de Cervera. Música y danza palaciega catalana del siglo XV.

Cecilia Nocilli


The Cervera MS is a main source to the study of Catalan and European dance.It consists of two sheets with describes eleven ...

Book 2

Guitarres i guitarrers. Dels gremis al Modernisme

Joan Pellisa


Since Johannes Tinctoris wrotte that in 1481 that the guitar was invented by Catalans, Catalonia and the instrument have experienced centuries of ...

Book 4

Musica y retórica en el barroco

Rubén López Cano


As a beginning of a new collection, AMALGAMA TEXTOS, Tritó is released with the reissue of a classic musicological essay that during the ...

Book 5

La voz. Orientaciones prácticas.

Cecília Gassull
Pere Godall
Montserrat Martorell


There are lot of publications on the market designed to develop vocal technique for singers however, we usually forget that many professions ...

Book 6

Nosaltres, els grallers

Blai Fontanals


Monograph about the world of "grallers"a term that inherently includes the drummers because without them the gralla repertoire loses entity.

Book 9

Picant de mans

Josep Maria Torrents
Núria Albó


This book of songs born in La Garriga and is the result of close collaboration between the teachers from Sant Lluís Gonçaga school, Núria Albó, ...

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