Enjoy playing guitar 1 (with CD)
Enjoy playing guitar 1 (with CD)
Debbie Cracknell
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Enjoy playing guitar 1 (with CD)

Debbie Cracknell

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The basics
Parts of the guitar
Sitting position
Right-hand position
Left-hand position
The rest stroke
Strings and frets
The first string
4/4 time
Two-Note Hop
Two-Note Jump
A Stroll
Counting: Crotchets and minims
3/4 time
The second string
Bees and Cees
I. C. A. B.
Bees and Dees
Counting rests
Tunes using the first two strings
Slow Train
Go, tell Aunt Nancy
Two into One
Indigo Blues
Counting: Dotted minims and semibreves
Little Bird
Jingle Bells
Old Time Minuet
The third string
Yankee Doodle
Au Clair de la Lune
Good King Wenceslas;
The open bass strings
The Low Down
The Russian Girl (duet)
Open bass strings plus treble notes
Thumb, Finger, Finger
Inca Dawn
Summary of all the open strings
Introducing quavers
Happy Birthday
London’s Burning;
Frère Jacques
Oh Sinner Man!
A March for Two Guitars
Home on the Range
The Tie
Summer Waltz
The free stroke
The right-hand fingers
Open-string exercises
Free-stroke tunes using fingered notes
Vals Triste
Theme and Variation
Introducing F sharp
G Major Scale
Scale Study
(Meet) the Flintstones
El Coqui (The Tree-Frog)
The Key Signature
Andante in G
Waltz (F. Carulli)
Fourth-string notes
A Blues Duet
6/4 time
The Natural
The Ash Grove
Shalom Chaverim
Introducing G sharp
Study in A Minor
Pony Trek
The Cossacks
Dotted rhythms
Auld Lang Syne
The First Nowell
The Lutenist
6/8 time
Row, row, row your boat
Irish Jig
Country Jig
Introducing C sharp and B flat
Manhattan Nights
Cowboy Blues
Turkish Dance
Fifth-string notes
Song of the Volga Boatmen
The Wasp
C Major Scale
Silent Night
Playing thumb and fingers together
The Russian Girl (solo)
Summer is
Icumen in
Sixth-string notes
More work on bass notes
E minor Pentatonic Scale
The Condor
More playing in two parts/voices
Three in One
Two’s Company
The Coventry Carol
Andante in C
Another (bass) F sharp and C sharp
Match of the Day

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