24 interludios

Jesús Rueda (1961 - )

Tritó has just published 24 interludes for piano by Jesús Rueda. This is a collection of short pieces written between 1995 and 2003 in which the composer demonstrates in diary form his partiularitie of language and thought in a schematic manner, as if in a notebook; "little ideas barely developed, like the painter’s sketchbook before a taking on a larger format", in the words of the author. The last four pieces in this collection are obligatory works for the Jacinto e Inocencio Guerrero Foundation Piano Competition which will be held in Madrid in June.

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10. Chopin
11. Seikilos
12. Niebla
13. Notturno in Bali
14. Corale
15. Fuego en tu mirada
16. Registros separados
17. Visión
18. Erótica
19. Veloce
20. Berceuse
21. Deslizamientos
22. Omaggio
23. Sospeso
24. Toccata
3. Retrato
5. Corrente
6. Dibujo
7. Canción de cuna
8. Campo de estrellas
9. El segundo adiós


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