Música d’orgue a Catalunya s.XVI - s. XVII vol. I

Fray Antonio Martín y Coll
Gabriel Menalt (1657 - 1687)
Francesc Espelt
Joan Baseia (1517 - 1582)
Bernabé Iriberia

"The present recording, which is the first volume in the CD collection of Catalan organ music currently being prepared by Tritó Edicions, focuses mainly on the Baroque repertoire, but linking it to the first examples of keyboard music written by Catalan composers or composers who worked principally in the Catalan region.

At the same time, this collection presents the public with an original series of works, which have just been released, or are about to be released, under the Tritó label, prepared by this writer and with the same musical performer: Andrés Cea. We would venture to say that the investigative and analytical spirit that presides over this artistic product is also original, because the review of both the scores and the technique of performance of the works presented here has resulted in solutions that may sometimes seem surprising or unorthodox.

We have also carried out a deep analysis of the registration and performance techniques described in Catalan and Valencian documental sources. In this respect, the notes left by Brother Antonio Llorens on the use of stops in the organs constructed by him at St. Joan de les Abadesses (1613) and the Cathedral of Lleida (1624), and published by Francis de P. Baldelli and Higini Anglès respectively, have been fundamental. And those referring to the two organs at the Cathedral of Valencia (1637), published by Joseph Clement, have been equally useful. These sources, along with numerous scattered documental references, in particular the contracts for the construction of organs, reveal some distinctive features of this repertoire, techniques widely used in both Catalan and Majorcan organs and taken into account when making this recording."

Bernat Cabré i Cercós

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Customer reviews

Expert reviews

"...j’ai écouté une dizaine de fois déjà, est, de la part de l’interprète, une leçon magistrale, pleine d’esprit, de toucher, d’articulation, de liberté, de sensibilité et de vie."

"Le jeu de Miquel Gonzales, spécialiste de ce répertoire, est remarquable, par son approche vivante et séduisante."

Bravo pour cette magnifique réalisation.

Excelente registro e interpretación. Espero tener noticias de los siguientes volúmenes de esta colección.

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