The Early FluteA Practical Guide

Rachel Brown

This practical guide for flautists provides a survey of the instrument - its development, its technique, its repertoire and its literature - between 1700 and 1900. Each issue is set in a musical context and technical and stylistic matters such as fingering, tone production, articulation, ornamentation, vibrato, expression and delivery are examined in depth, applying evidence from historical sources to the standard flute repertoire.

A series of case studies offers detailed interpretations of music by Hotteterre, Handel, Bach, Gluck, Mozart and Boehm. As an internationally recognised soloist, orchestral player and teacher of modern and historical flutes, Rachel Brown brings a wealth of experience to amateurs and professionals alike, encouraging stylistic awareness through an understanding of the way in which composers and flautists approached instruments of the past. Copious music examples, illustrations, fingering charts and bibliographies make this a standard reference book.

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Customer reviews

Expert reviews

'A highly informative, readable and welcome additions to the Cambridge Handbooks Historical Performance of Music series. It will prove invaluable both as a quick-reference guide and a general introduction to the early flute.' The Consort

'... demonstrates a profound knowledge of the flute's history, and of the changes in performance style and technique.' Early Music Today

'This is an excellent study ...well written and easily accessible ... Rachel Brown has done an excellent job. This practical guide can enrich recorder players' knowledge and should be consulted widely.' The Recorder Magazine

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