Les 26 cançons infantils (with CD)

Francesc Burrull
Josep Maria Espinàs

Francesc Josep Maria and Espinàs Burrull, the writer and the musician, had a splendid lot of years ago: work together writing some children’s songs that were modern.

The first album, Cançons per encarrilar criatures, was a great success.

For the first time, the kids and girls from Catalunya discovered that their daily life - getting up, going to sleep, play with toys - could become songs.

After many years many families remember those songs . Unfortunately the CD’s were no longer and they could not transmit these songs to their children.

Now we recovering all those songs in a CD included in this book with sheet music, the texts and the explanations and stories of Josep M. Espinás and Francesc Burrull.

These 26 songs full of wit and expressiveness offer all original unquestionably a work in the field of children’s song.

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"Un tesoro. Pura y deliciosa arqueología."

Records d'infantesa retrobats. Gràcies per aquesta troballa.


1. Cançó de llevar-se
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