La disciplina coreologica in Europa

Beatriz Martínez del Fresno
Laura Aimo
Vito di Bernardi
Ornella di Tondo
Ana María Díaz Olaya
María Cristina Esposito
Matías Nicolás Isolabella
Raquel Jiménez Pasalodos
Cecilia Nocilli
Marina Nordera
Alfonso Palacio Álvarez
Victoria Pérez Royo
Andrea Polimene
Alessandro Piero Pontremoli
Grazia Portoghesi Tuzi
Rosella Simonari

This volume contains the papers of the international conference "The discipline coreológica in Europe: Problems and Prospects. "

A group of specialists presents works related to the discourse, terminology and theory about historiography and research of dance.

The main interest of this volume is to pay atetention in a subject in currently development in Europe: yhe choreology.

This is the first publication in Spain that deals with theoretical and aesthetic issues in dance research in Italy and Spain, the difficulties in historiography of dance, the etnochoreology, and the research devoted to the theory and practice in choreologycal European studies.

The volume also comments the creation and interpretation of dance studies in composition and performance choreography.

There are six scientific papers and four posters in Spanish and twelve texts in Italian which demostrate that the interdisciplinarity is inseparable from dance and shows the «mapping of knowledge» that can be included within the choreology.

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