Boccherini en familia

Luigi Boccherini (1743 - 1805)

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This volume presents two biographies of Boccherini so far unavailable in the market. They have in common that have been written by occasional authors with no musicologycal pretense.

Alfredo Boccherini y Calonje , great-grandson of the composer, published the book in a small printing in 1879. This biography is unique because includes documents missing and unavailable. One of them is the composer’s catalog of works that was written by himself. There are also two letters sent by Frederick William IIof Prussia.

The biografy written by Gonzalo Pérez Morales husband of a descendant of Luigi Boccherini, was written in 1993 and had remained unpublished until now. This volume provides new documentation around of the figure of the composer.

A new reference publication certainly worth consulting.

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