Canciones para Don Quijote

Leonardo Balada (1933 - )
Federico García Lorca (1898 - 1936)
Ferran Jaumandreu Obradors (1897 - 1945)
Joan Comellas (1913 - 2000)
Ernesto Halffter (1905 - 1989)
Amadeu Vives
Conrado del Campo (1878 - 1953)
Joaquín Nin-Culmell (1908 - 2004)
Carlos Palacio García
Horacio López de la Rosa

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In the series Cervantes y la Música, which begins with a CD entitled Don Quijote al piano, we introduce a new recording named Canciones para don Quijote
Many of the songs that could be heard at that time by the Alcalá-born author are collected in his literary creations as an expression of the art of sound of his time, as well as a testimony of his love for music, whose indelible memory is maintained along all his literary production.

As it can be seen, Soriano Fuertes, conventionally considered the first Spanish historian of music, reflected this fact some time later, in 1856, in his Historia de la música española:

There are people who say that Cervantes played vihuela and had a perfect background in music; even though this cannot be stated with complete certainty, we must believe that he was a keen lover of this art, as can be proved by the continued praise of music that he mentions in his works.

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