Simón Tapia Colman. Integral de la obra de cámara con piano

Simón Tapia-Colman

Simón Tapia-Colman was one of the most valued Aragonese musicians of his time. He was born in 1906 in a village near Zaragoza and emigrated to Mexico in 1939.

The most important part of his life as composer was in Mexico.

The Trio prehispánico is a work composed for the Mexico Trio. It has the musical elements of pre-Hispanic dances themselves.

His two sonatas, awarded by the Mexican Union of Chroniclers of Theater and Music, was published in Mexico and remain unpublished until now in Spain. The Sonata para violin y piano was inspired by the sound of pan flute of sharpeners. The Sonata for cello and piano , is the latest composition of the second period of the artistic life of Tapia-Colman.

The Cuatro cantos sin palabras, was transcripted from of the original for soprano and string orchestra by the composer, is based on four poems by the Mexican writerMargarita López Portillo

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