Hispanian Musical Heritage: Spanish Violin in the XVIIIth Century

José Herrando (1720 - 1763)
Francisco Courcelle [Corselli] (1702 - 1778)
Francesc Manalt
Juan de Ledesma

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HERRANDO: Sonata à Solo Yntitulada el Jardín de Aranjuez en tiempo de Primavera con diversos cantos de paxaros y otros animales, Toccata 7ª of violin and basso in D M
COURCELLE: Sonata a Violino Solo in D M
ANÊNIM: Cumbées
MANALT: 6ª Chamber Sonata of violin and basso in D m
LEDESMA: Sonata a Violino Solo e Basso en A M

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