Aljibe de Madera: Homenaje a Andrés Segovia. Javier Riba (guitarra)

Isaac Albéniz
Gaspar Cassadó
Manuel de Falla
Jaume Pahissa ...


To mark the 25th anniversary of the death of Andres Segovia, Tritó released a CD the initiative for which came from the guitarist Javier Riba, who ...

CD 2

La caixa de joguines

Claude Debussy

This is the story of a toy box where, a long time ago, a dancing doll and a wooden soldier lived in a huddle. At night, after the children fell ...

Audio and video

Ricard Viñes on the piano

Isaac Albéniz
Manuel Blancafort
Manuel de Falla
Claude Debussy ...


This CD presents the complete recordings of Ricard Viñes from 1929 to 1936. While the relatively small selection of pieces he recorded does not do ...

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